Franklin Method Class


Franklin Method Class


Franklin Method Class: Experience better movement, posture, balance, and strength as well as positivity and peace of mind. Each class focuses on embodied practice in a different area of the body to improve your movement experience and overall function.

When: Saturdays from 10-11:30am (choose date(s) when you register)

  • *Happy Feet* | April 27, 10am-11:30

    • Experience flexible, supportive, happy feet which translates to happier knees, hips, spine, and overall posture, strength, and performance.

  • *Easy Neck and Spine* | May 25, 10am-11:30

    • Relieve neck tension and improve neck and spine organization, posture, and mobility.

  • *Dynamic Core* | June 15, 10am-11:30

    • Experience true core stability and motion, improve dynamic posture, balance, and function.

  • *Dynamic Pelvic Floor* | July 13, 10am-11:30

    • Learn how to train the Pelvic Floor based on its true design and function. Improve hip function, balance, and relieve lower back tension.

  • *Relieve Shoulder Tension* | August 17, 10am-11:30

    • Relieve chronic shoulder and upper back tension with simple movement and imagery.

Where: At the clinic: 7345 West Sand Lake Road, Suite 306

Cost: $30 cash

There are only 6 spots in the class so you must register here in advance!

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