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Understand and address the body as an elite level therapist; learn to see symptoms and solutions through the lenses of the best functional biomechanics, structural integration, and energy medicine training.

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect in the TruPro Think Tank. Ongoing, integrative training for Massage and Manual Therapists to help you go from good to great.

The TruPro Think Tank is the place for Bold, Results-Driven, and Integrative Massage Therapists to develop advanced skills, share perspectives, and refine the art of massage therapy. You have training in massage and anatomy, lots of people can show you fad ways to release tissue and muscle, and there are always going to be “new” tools and techniques - but do you know the “whys”? Do you know the fundamental truths that are woven through any modality or approach that works? If not, it’s not your fault - most programs don’t teach it! We teach these integrative truths of the dynamics of the human body so that you know why you’re applying a certain approach, release, or modality.

New Trainings Released Each Month:


Monthly Skills lab

  • Get an in depth understanding of a body part or condition from our integrative lens - structural, functional, and energetic considerations and implications. Also learn specific application/tools to use with your clients immediately. Each Skills Lab gives you new ways to think about the topic as well as how to address it in your practice with massage, functional, and energetic approaches.

Monthly Franklin Method Functional Embodiment

  • You’ve learned anatomy and work with muscle tissue daily, but you may not have actually learned to experience and embody your own anatomical design and function. These trainings guide you in having a deeper understanding of a particular body part or area as well as an actual embodied experience of that area. You’ll experience improved function and awareness which translates to more efficient and effective work with your clients as you work with a deeper understanding of their design and function.

Monthly Demo Sessions

  • Observe how many modalities and perspectives are woven together in an actual session and see real-time results: pain relief as well as structural and functional changes. These Demo Sessions will empower you and give you confidence in your own ability to integrate multiple modalities and approaches to create a truly client-centered and results-oriented session experience.

Monthly Live Event

The Think Tank isn’t about us, it’s about you: getting the specific support and input you need to improve as a therapist and have a successful career. These times can include ProPanels with industry professionals, live mentoring, case study discussions, specific questions about issues or syndromes, as well as discussions around business development and strategy, different modalities and treatment philosophies, and whatever else will help you be great!

Plus Continued Access to all prior Trainings

Ultimately the Think Tank will expand your knowledge and skills, and provide clear ways to apply what you learn with confidence for immediate results.
This is the ongoing monthly training that will set you apart as a true authority in the bodywork industry.
— Lynn Teachworth, World Massage Hall of Fame Inductee & TruPro Trainer

Here’s the deal: you’re a good massage therapist, you’ve probably studied at least a few different modalities or techniques in addition to your initial training (if not many modalities). You love helping people, figuring out what’s ailing them and how your work can help them.

On some level, the reason you got into this work is because you love discovering how the body works, how all the various layers and elements integrate and work together, and how you can help people feel great in their bodies. It’s amazing. And complex. And everyday we have the opportunity to dive in, solve interesting problems, and help people.

But there are a few challenges:

  • Doing this hands on work all day, giving your attention and energy can be taxing and draining.
  • The work can get boring and frustrating when people present with the same patterns over and over again.
  • You feel like you should be able to fix certain issues, but your current skill set doesn’t seem sufficient.

You sense there is more to learn, more efficient ways to work, more to discover about restoring and improving function and overall health - and that idea is exciting to you.

All I can say is “I hear you and Join the TruProThinkTank”

  • We will challenge you
  • We will inspire you
  • We will help you grow

And most importantly: We will nerd out with you about body design, function, performance, energy, dynamics, fascia, muscles, anatomy, common and uncommon syndromes, organs, stress, tension, health, biomechanics, reciprocals, meridians, the modalities, the techniques, from eyeballs to toes, obliquus capitis inferior to the adductor hallucis transverse head . . . you get the idea, right? We love this stuff. You love this stuff.

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