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Bold. Integrative. Always-learning. Results-oriented. We're fascinated by (obsessed with?) why and how people do what they do - physically, functionally, and energetically - and how we can help them do it better, with greater health and ease. A TruPro knows that everything in the bodymind is connected and related, that everybody is unique as are the root causes of their ailments and issues, and that there's always something that can help, it's just a matter of finding the right lens to view and address the "problem".

We created the TruPro Think Tank as a place for bold, integrative, results-driven Massage Therapists to develop advanced skills, share perspectives, and refine the art of massage therapy. This is the ongoing monthly training that will set you apart as a true authority in the bodywork.

Think "Experience" over "class"

In all our TruPro Trainings, we move beyond information and techniques, and integrate multiple perspectives, approaches, and experiences to teach you how to see and think instead of just going through the rote motions of techniques. You will leave challenged, changed, and equipped to help your clients using some of the most cutting-edge work available.

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See your clients through a whole new lens: Integrative Anatomy

Massage Therapists: Are you working too hard in your sessions, using all your tricks, and not getting the lasting "wow" results you want?

You know that the restricted mobility, chronic pain patterns, and limited function your clients come in with have to do with more than just muscle tissue and tension. But have you learned an integrative approach that helps you to understand, assess, and address the body through multiple lenses - functional, structural, and energetic?

See those old stubborn patterns in a new light and learn a quick tool to make your work more efficient and effective.

In Integrative Anatomy you'll learn specific reciprocal areas of the body that integrate and impact the physical, functional, and energetic/emotional levels of our bodies. These reciprocals are an incredibly simple yet effective tool that can balance structure, posture, function, emotions, meridians, central nervous system and proprioceptive nervous system.

*Approved for 4 LMT CEs*


Welcome to Trunamics

We are committed to Teaching integrative truths of the dynamics of the human body to make good therapists great.

Over the years, we've studied and integrated countless therapies in order to get better results working with our clients. If you do any type of massage, manual, or integrative therapy, you've no doubt discovered that there are many ways to look at and address the body, different levels on which to work, and the more you learn, the more you learn there is to learn. The human body is amazing and, as therapists, we have a unique opportunity to help our clients optimize their health and overall function.

Trunamics is designed to be a platform that gathers and integrates the best in therapeutic philosophies, techniques, and education to equip practitioners in providing the most effective experiences for their clients. We hope this will prove to be a valuable resource and community for you as you continue to pursue and integrate the truths of human body dynamics.  Learn More About Trunamics →