Visceral Fascial Release + Functional BioMechanics + Energetic Concepts


approved for 21 NCBTMB CEs

Upcoming Dates

January 31-February 2 in Orlando, FL

July 2020 at the World Massage Festival

“Visceral Dynamics is by far the best health work seminar I have attended. It is multi-faceted and succinct, with focus on knowledge needed to be conveyed and an unparalleled, kinesthetic means of teaching that strongly deepened my understanding of and connection to the visceral organs.”
— Carmen, Austin, TX

Check out this video to learn a quick way to restore hip flexor function and also understand one of the major deep causes of those restrictions that is rarely addressed!

When organs have been traumatized from physical trauma, infections, surgeries and emotional trauma, they often become weak, partially immobilized and fail to do their jobs optimally. Many therapies that do not work directly to release the organs will fall short in helping to restore the organs and client to optimal function and health. When an organ is not working optimally, the entire body suffers; other organs, systems and meridians are asked to ‘pick up the slack’ which may cause an overall energy drain and keep the body from being able to restore homeostasis. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to visceral (organ) fascial release work for use in clinical settings with clients using the theory and techniques associated with functional biomechanics and Structural Integration combined with informational/energy medicine fundamentals.


Course Topics

  • Anatomy and location of the major organs

  • How organs become restricted

  • Understanding the difference between the Yin and Yang organs

  • Addressing the peritoneum, mesentery and omentum.

  • Embodying the natural movement patterns of each organ, particularly during breathing and movement, through The Franklin Method® approach

  • Symptoms that arise from organ restrictions

  • Referred pain patterns that are the result of organ restriction

  • How these restrictions in the viscera affect overall structure and posture, as well as the function of the muscles and fascia of the body

  • Techniques to release each individual organ and restore it to optimal health

  • Chronic pathological consciousness and emotions that can arise from poor organ movement and expression.

“This course is fundamental to understanding and affecting global and specific issues in the body. Lynn has demonstrated how intelligently focusing on and using organs to influence physical, mental, and emotional aspects can release pain quickly. The focus on the organ is simple - understanding the natural movement of the organ, its relationships to other organs and its environment, and all other connections to muscles, emotions, meridians, belief systems, etc. This class will significantly improve your practice.”
— Linda H., Canada

What to Expect

This class will give you a deep understanding and experience of the organs. You'll explore organ health, how organs affect the nervous system, structure, and function of the body, and pathological emotions and consciousness associated with the organs. We also take time to understand, embody, and experience the movement of each organ using dynamic imagery and functional motion utilizing the Franklin Method® taught by Damian McCann. This new understanding will give you the ability to facilitate powerful shifts on all levels through releasing organ restrictions and optimizing organ function.

We limit the class size to ensure that everyone gets individual attention. Hands on practice and experience are a huge component of the course, and you can expect to gain valuable skill through practice time as well as powerful work from your classmates.  Expect to leave with a new body!

“Visceral Dynamics is a fantastic course that not only taught me how my own organs are supposed to feel and move but will allow me to bring this experience and knowledge to my clients. With Lynn and Damian walking us through all the exercises it is now very easy to feel what my body is actually supposed to feel like when it is moving properly.”
— Heather S., Canada

Everyone's organs could use a hand . . .

Everyone's organs could use a hand . . .

This class is for . . .

  • Practitioners who have studied massage/bodywork, functional movement, and/or energy medicine.

  • Practitioners whose clients deal with:

    • Chronic Pain

    • Stubborn health issues

    • Pathological emotional patterns

    • Limited physical mobility

    • Digestive and toxicity issues

  • Practitioners seeking a more comprehensive view of the structure and function of the physical body.

  • Practitioners interested in facilitating deep, powerful, lasting results for their clients.

Visceral Dynamics is approved for 21 NCBTMB CEs

This was an excellent course to teach me more on sensing the organs in the body and the way they move in the body. It increased my understanding of the importance of releasing the organs and the benefits of this work, as well as experiencing those releases in my owm body as we had lots of time for hands on practice.
— Wendy W., Canada