What's in our Toolbox?

We're always learning and we love cool resources, tools, gadgets, books, etc. that help us do our work more efficiently and effectively. There isn't much that we always use, but there are somethings we rarely work without. Sometimes we need outside resources to facilitate the change and healing that our clients are looking for. Here we'll share the tools and resources that contribute most to success and results with our clients.


CryoDerm specializes in the development and delivery of scientifically researched natural remedies designed to address acute and chronic pain. Based on cutting edge herbal ingredients from around the world, CryoDerm is committed to improving the health and lifestyle of people through natural healing and offers a variety of topical products to be use in massage or for home care.


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Microcurrent works with the frequencies of the body to facilitate tissue change, reorganization, and healing. We see incredible results, especially with scars and scar tissue as well as trigger points and locked-short muscles.

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Utilized with the Gray Institute Functional Movement training, this stretching cage provides a stable foundation for restoring and optimizing function.

StaminaPro Patch

Using Energy Medicine Technology, StaminaPro patches deliver the power of more than 200 constituents which are known to reduce inflammation, promote recovery, and optimize performance.

They contain no harmful drugs, synthetic chemicals or side effects and are safe and effective for all ages.

Nolaro24 Orthotics

I've never been a big fan of orthotics. Until I started with working with Nolaro24 - with this orthotics that actually help set the foot and body up for functional motion, my clients are experiencing better athletic ability, endurance, mobility, foot comfort, and foot structure, etc. Not only do they work better than other orthotics, they're considerably more affordable - win win.

Contact Lynn for more information or a skype assessment.

Franklin Method Balls & Bands

Eric Franklin and the Franklin Method team have developed a variety of balls and bands in different sizes, firmness, resistance, and textures to be used for a number of therapeutic purposes. We use them for strengthening and conditioning, fascia rolling, muscle melting, proprioceptive input, improving dynamic alignment, etc. and I never leave home without them!

Online Franklin Method Training

The Franklin Method offers excellent online courses if you're looking to go deeper with your training in the method. Click the images below to explore some of the options.

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