Who We Are


Oh, the fun (awkward) part where we get to talk about ourselves. I (Ann) will give you the short of our story and then you can check out our professional bios below. Want to know more? It's way more fun to connect in person and talk shop over coffee (or wine). We'd love to see you at a TruPro Training!

We're Lynn and Ann Teachworth. Trunamics has been in the works pretty much from the time we met at a BodyTalk conference in 2009 and discovered we're both obsessed with our work in integrative healthcare. We're fascinated by how human beings work - physically, mentally, spiritually - and we love working with people to help them restore, maintain, and improve their health and performance. Even more, we love teaching, coaching, and collaborating with other therapists and practitioners to help them be their best. We approach things from different angles and enjoy the fuller, more integrated perspective that provides.

Lynn's been developing and perfecting his skills in his clinic for 25+ years, relentlessly blending together many modalities and getting incredible results with all sorts of complicated issues. He also has "the gift of gab", easily making his bold, integrative approach (and results) accessible to his students.

If Lynn is the precision expert, Ann is the big picture person, bringing together all the pieces. As a coach, she works with therapists to help them design their lives and businesses and align their strategy, beliefs, and actions for success. More interested in transformation than information, she loves helping people see and consider new perspectives and possibilities that could make a profound difference in their lives. She's also a mover - as a longtime yogi and former professional dancer, she now teaches the Franklin Method as a component of the TruPro Trainings to help therapists more fully understand and embody their (and their clients') anatomy and function.

Trunamics exists to be a platform for providing therapists with the tools and perspectives they need to grow and excel in their business and help more people. We're gathering a community of like-minded therapists, TruPros if you will, working together to understand the dynamics of the body more fully, be great at what we do, and help more people cultivate health. You in? We'd love to meet you! Join the mailing list (because I know you need more email in your inbox), join us on social, OR just come on down to (or host) a TruPro training near you.


More About Lynn


Lynn has been a licensed massage therapist for over 25 years. His clients include over 2000 professional athletes in the PGA, LPGA, NBA, NFL, MLB as well as many other sports including professional wake boarding and water skiing.  He is also a 2018 inductee into the World Massage Federations Hall of Fame.


Lynn specializes in pain, sports injuries, and sports performance.  He has certifications in Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Source Point Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Body Talk. Lynn is also a Gift Fellow through the Gray institute, the most advanced training in functional movement and bio-mechanics available. A former BodyTalk instructor, he is well-versed in the scientific basis of energy medicine and integrates this into his practice as well. We also use Microcurrent Therapy when needed, to help remove scar tissue and inflammation quickly and painlessly.

One of only a few therapists in the world with advanced training in structural bodywork, bio-mechanics and movement as well as energy medicine, Lynn is able to address chronic stress, headaches, tennis elbow, back pain, plantar fascitis, rotator cuff issues, neck, knee or lower back pain efficiently and comprehensively - often resolving it quickly and permanently.

In addition to recovery, rehab, and maintenance work, Lynn also helps improve athletic performance. If you are looking to improve your sports performance in golf, football, soccer, lacrosse, water skiing/wakeboarding, Lynn can help find out where and why your body is not performing or is not coordinated enough to develop specialized skills. He is a certified Nike360 Golf Perfomance Specialist as well as a certified Applied Functional Science trainer.

Teaching is one of Lynn's passions; as the Director of Trunamics, his emphasis is on teaching integrative truths of human body dynamics to make good therapists great. He has been teaching for over 15 years in the USA, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the UK.


More About Ann

LMT, Franklin Method Educator

As a Franklin Method Educator, Certified Life Coach, and Integrative healthcare practitioner, Ann’s work all focuses on helping people understand and embody their design and function so that they can operate more fully and freely in their bodies, minds, and lives. After a coaching session or a Franklin Method workshop with Ann, you will leave having discovered something new about yourself that makes a positive difference in your life (and body). You’ll be empowered and present to new possibilities and ease. In other words, we’ll get you moving the way you’re designed to move in your body and your life, and it’ll feel great.

Ann draws on professional experience and education across multiple fields - performance, integrative health, and strategic business and personal development. She moved to New York City at 19 to pursue a career in the performing arts, and worked in many different aspects of that industry, including musical theater, modeling, film, and production and development. Always intrigued by the “being” beyond the “doing”, she invested time into practicing and studying yoga, meditation, alternative health, as well as communication and leadership development. She has a BSHons in Psychology and Pre-med Sciences, is a Certified Life Coach, Level 1 Franklin Method Educator, and has studied a number of energy medicine and integrative medicine modalities. She's been traveling, training, teaching, and developing content for manual therapists with Lynn for 5+ years.


Ann teaches Franklin Method workshops and works with clients individually to improve their movement experience - improving balance, flexibility, posture, mobility, stability, overall performance, as well as mindfulness and body/self awareness. As a long time yoga practitioner and professional dancer/actor, she especially loves working with movement people to help them experience more efficient, healthy, and free movement. Through the Franklin Method training, Ann has experienced such great physical benefit (movement freedom and enjoyment, better balance, flexibility, greater strength, comfortable posture), the ability to learn new postures/skills easily, and also mental clarity, focus, and positivity. Anyone who is willing can benefit physically and mentally from this approach, and she loves the opportunity to share it!


Ann also co-founded Trunamics.com with her husband, Lynn, to train and resource manual therapists in an integrative approach to human body dynamics that encompasses not only the structural but also the functional and energetic aspects of the body. They offer online classes and resources as well as in-person trainings and retreats.

Email us for information on Franklin Method private sessions and group workshops.