Why Trunamics?

Because it's very low in calories and chocked full of nutrition.

No, just kidding. But it is good for you.

After 25+ years of studying and applying many different variations of structural integration, functional biomechanics, and energy medicine techniques to help people heal, perform at their best, and generally feel better in their bodies, it is clear that many different approaches and perspectives have value. In fact, all of them are valid and valuable from their own vantage points.

You're a smart crowd, you see through the promise of the silver bullet, the one-sized-fits-all solutions, and therapies that promise to be the therapy to solve all woes. (Right? We have stopped looking for "the thing to fix all things" . . . right?) Great. But now what?

We get creative. We're always interested in truth - how does the body really work? How do all of these approaches and perspectives relate and interact? What will get the best results for this person at this time? Is there another lens through which I could consider this issue? It's an ongoing pursuit and our understanding is ever-evolving.

You could say it's dynamic

adjective: (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
(of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.
(physics) of or relating to forces producing motion.
noun: a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

So we created Trunamics

We exist to teach integrative truths of the dynamics of the human body to make good therapists great.


Some Guiding Principles

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Three in One

In all of our trainings and treatments we consider the three levels or aspects of the body - structural, functional, and energetic/informational. All three levels are related and integrated, with symptoms appearing on one level pointing to issues and even opportunities for treatment on another. There are so many great techniques that look through the lens of one level or another - we like to take an integrative approach where anything goes and everything can work together.

you have a unique opportunity with your clients

Massage therapists (and other "complimentary and alternative medicine" practitioners) get to spend a really long time with their clients relative to doctors and other medical professionals. You have an opportunity to have an incredible positive impact with your clients - helping them understand how their bodies work and what it could look like for them to move towards greater health. We get to actually empower people towards healthy living and being instead of being limited to passing out pills or offering surgery. It's a good business to be in, people need what you have to offer, let's make the most of it.

Making good therapists great

We believe in teaching you how to think not just how to go through the motions of this or that technique. And we like results. Like really good, surprising, powerful, top-notch results. A relaxing spa massage is nice. But that's not our thing. We challenge you to think differently, dig deeper, expand your understanding, to integrate all your prior training and experience confidently. Our trainings often challenge common perspectives and paradigms and provide experiences that will in turn challenge, inspire, and grow you to be a great therapist. And you can count on us to keep learning and growing ourselves. It's a journey, remember?

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It's more fun together

Seriously. We know some incredible practitioners and teachers who are so good at what they do, and we really just want to have excuses to get to work with them and share them with you. We will often suggest other teachers, modalities, specialty training, etc because, surprise, there is a lot of great stuff out there. We will distill concepts down to fundamental truths and teach you how to integrate them. We'll challenge and expand your point of view and give you a solid yet flexible (is that a paradox?) foundation to work from. In addition, we'll bring in and refer out to some greats to provide even better educational experiences than we could on our own.

We are cultivating a community of like-minded therapists, TruPros if you will, working together to understand the dynamics of the body more fully, be great at what we do, and help more people cultivate health. You in? We'd love to meet you! Join the mailing list (because I know you need more email in your inbox), join us on social, OR just come on down to a TruPro training near you. See you soon!

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