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Approved for 16 CE's through NCBTMB & TPTA

Upcoming Dates

April 25-26 in Orlando, FL

When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then spontaneously, the body heals itself.
— Ida Rolf

Reciprocal Dynamics helps eliminate chronic pain and restore function, mobility, and stability to all parts of the body through unlocking minute fascial restrictions.

Reciprocal Dynamics helps to bridge the gap between structural/functional body work and energy medicine. Lynn and Ann’s knowledge/experience enhanced my learning experience and took my work to a much higher level. Thank you very much.
— Matt F., MI PT

Every joint, muscle, and tissue in the body needs to be able to move through all 3 planes of motion; if any of these motions are compromised it leads to muscular tension, atrophy, stiffness, pain, poor function, and disease. These restrictions, often found in the cranium and joints, inhibit the body's ability to function optimally and restore health.  By being able to deduce these minute areas of restricted fascia within the body, you have the best possible tool to restore function and motion within the body instantly. This class shows you how to test for where and how the body needs to be optimized in order to unlock structure and function for your clients.

Reciprocal Dynamics is the best methodology I’ve seen for improving function and movement immediately. It will become an invaluable tool in my Physical Therapy practice.
— Theresa S, TX PT

In addition to removing the causes of dysfunction and compensation patterns that keep the body in pain, Reciprocal Dynamics also quickly increases athletic performance to the highest level. Using the Reciprocal Dynamics, the body will optimize and synchronize the movement patterns for every body motion, allowing for greater efficiency, range of motion, and increased athletic performance. This course allows you to easily unlock patterns that keep your clients in pain, under­ performing, and constrained by poor emotional and expression patterns.

I would greatly recommend this course to be able to optimize body structure, function, and emotional states from a simple & practical perspective with functional movement understanding. It expanded my awareness of self.
— Debbie W, TX

Course Topics

  • Theory of Communication Systems of the Body, How they overlap and interact: ­

    • Fascial system

    • Nervous system (proprioceptors)

    • Reciprocals

    • Bioelectrical Field

  • Understand the Planes of Motion for every joint of the body.

  • Understand Muscle function, shortening/lengthening, loading, and exploding.

  • Learn the Keys to structure, improving tensegrity, posture, and healthy body relationships.

  • Test and release for both global and specific motion.

  • Learn Priority testing.

  • Assess & improve specific function that greatly impacts global function such as eye tracking, breath cycle, basic movement patterns.

Who reciprocal dynamics is for:

There are no specific prerequisites, however previous experience with energy medicine, osteopathy, personal training, physical therapy, or massage therapy, etc, will increase your ability to apply the work.

This training will immediately benefit your practice if. . .

  • You work with clients who have chronic pain and dysfunction.

  • You work with clients who want to optimize their physical health and function.

  • You work with athletes looking to optimize their athletic performance.

The effectiveness of treatment and the quickness of results were unbelievable. It created more awareness in balance of my structure and energy which created a more concise function in my emotional and energetic body as well.
— Fred P, TX LMT